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Coffee Morning & Speed Networking Event Douglas - 12 Sep 2019 Early Morning Meet

Coffee Morning & Speed Networking Event Southampton - 10 Dec 2019

Coffee Morning & Speed Networking Event Southampton - 10 Dec 2019


Give your business a real boost with our FREE speed networking lunch meeting . Please join us at this event and experience the power of speed networking.

We have designed this event to increase your business contacts and it involves attendees gathering together to exchange information via speed networking!!

Participants share their professional backgrounds and business goals.

We know that entering a room full of people, most of whom you’ve never met before, and engaging in small talk can be daunting, but how will you expand your network if you don’t talk to anyone else?

We have organised this event for you to reap the benefits!

This event is an invaluable and an effective way to expand your connections and uncover new business opportunities.

This networking event is designed to network at speed with a structure to rotate all participants in quick succession so that each person gets the chance to engage one on one with all the attendees.

We look forward to seeing you!


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Location: Portland Terrace Southampton SO14 7SJ

Venue Name: Network Eagle Lab, Southampton

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